My Passion Planner Daily

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Passion Planner Daily

I’ve been using a Passion Planner to record our homeschool, and family time, since 2018 . Passion Planner Daily is a new product in the Passion Planner family which, until I got ill this spring, I’d not figured out how to use. When I

How do I use it? I use it as I used to use my Bullet Journal {BuJo}. With every day already having it’s own unique spread, the Daily Passion Planner allows me to just drop in my goals with a double page spread already allotted for me to follow my plan.

Easy peasy.

If I don’t set an agenda for my day, it quickly gets away from me! Especially in quarantine, where daily plans often seem like they’re on a loop . . . we’ve come to call them the doldrums in my house . . . with every day looking like the last.

The structure of my day is what helps me stay productive. It’s not set in stone, but more of a rhythm, but on ‘normal’ days, this is my structure:

1) I start with my morning routine
2) I usually walk our dogs to get in all my steps {see my ‘Gamechanger Goal’}
3) I then prepare for the day – showering, dressing, and eating breakfast, having my coffee
4) By 10am, most days I’m ready to sit down for a block of time and work. I’m trying not to start my day with social media or email, but focus on the most important task of the day.
5) I take a break at lunch to check email, and post to IG 🖤
6) I go into my second, longer, work block of the day
7) I take a break around 4 for ‘Le Goûter’, a mid-afternoon snack, drink, or just a refresher out in the garden.
8) From there, each evening is a little different, but my family has gotten into a good rhythm during quarantine about how our days, and weeks, flow

Once I *officially* start our homeschool year in August, those blocks of work time will change to blocks of instruction, but still in the same basic skeleton form.

I have SO much more to say how this simple, yet effective, structure has made me so much more productive – it’s helped me streamline my goals, help me focus with intention on what I hope to accomplish by providing boundaries, and made me aware of how I’m spending my time as I jot down my actions by the half hour.

Of course, I could do all this in a regular Passion Planner, or even a regular notebooks – I’ve done that before – but I love the pre-printed page numbers, luxurious paper, and supporting a small, female-owned business.

How are you planning your days?


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