July Planning

Image by Bikurgurl

July Planning

My Weeks have been packed with Zoom classes, online learning, and stuffing in all the art classes I can this summer.

This is my last push to outline my annual plan in not only our home education, but our family.

Sure, we make tweaks along the way, but I like to have a good overview of what the year will bring and plan the coming year each July.

So I’m stocking up on discounted school supplies, getting my creativity on, learning from my Homeschool Mentors in the Bravelearner community, and continuing to focus intention on creating a flow that will pull us through the coming 12 months.

Because quarantine doldrums are endless right now.

In a not-quarantine-year, we’d be traveling monthly, have tons of get-togethers with groups, outside classes, getting together with friends – but the coming 12 months will continue to look much different than past years.

As an eclectic unschooling parent, it may seem as if plans are superfluous, but the truth is having the right skeletal structure from which to build is where the magic of letting go happens.

So this week I’m in deep personal/professional development to have the arc I need for the year! I’m taking art classes, doing summer camp, and listening to strong women in professional fields learning how to grow myself as an educator, a parent, and an awesome adult.

What tools and resources are you using to gear up for a fantastic year of quarantine schooling in 2020-21?


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