Covid-19 Seattle Update: April 2020

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We’ve been watching documentaries about the 1918 Epidemic. Often referred to as the Spanish flu {as Spain was neutral in WWI and had no reason to downplay its epidemic deaths to them enemy’}, it could kill a person – young adults aged between 15-40 disproportionately – within 24 hours. Since the information we have on our current epidemic is so scant, for our family looking to this past epidemic, it’s assumed causation, and global spread has been eye opening.

Though the first wave was devastating, it was the second wave that brought mutations of the virus and sharp increases in loss of life. It’s fascinatingly horrific.

It’s a deep dive into virology with my eclectic unschooly teens which helps satisfy a need for some semblance of knowledge so we feel less ‘out of control’. FWIW: Dr. Fauci is in several of the videos as he’s been studying it, and other epidemics, for years.

In our little tech bubble, we already have a vast gap between those whose lives are relatively unchanged and those who are hurting due to economic inequalities. We’ve been focusing our giving and shopping to our local and regional businesses when we can.

Here in Seattle, as people are restless after the winter, our Governor is opening State Parks for the public to get some R&R – though most/all require an annual pass to park in the lots. Sigh.

Between my husbands sledding accident in January, and the quarantine, we’ve had 4 trips cancelled and are in the midst of cancelling the rest of our travel for 2020; not even scheduling for 2021. For a traveling family, it’s been a mixed bag of sadness for not going, and thankfulness we have the choice.

Work travel is stopped until June 2021. I’ve moved my office into a bookcase-blocked-off corner of the kitchen while my husband works from home full time. Our boys outside classes are all online. We’ve having the joy of keeping everyone home while still getting to give everyone their own space. My boys are gaming, I’m reading and gardening, my husband is finding new ways to spend time with friends online.

It’s a new normal. We know full well for us, things won’t be the same on the other side of quarantine, on the other side of this epidemic. We’re preparing ourselves for the inevitable global changes that will occur based not only on the new normal, but on the loss of life, liberty, and business.


2 thoughts on “Covid-19 Seattle Update: April 2020

    1. Thank you!! I’ve been mostly MIA for a variety of reasons…but I’m working to catch up here to continue the conversations, connections, and writing which is so important to double down on in these times of uncertainty, global pandemic, and awesome positive power of potential change 🖤

      I’m looking forward to catching up on your blog and seeing what you’ve been into!! I’ve stayed in touch a little more on Twitter and Instagram, but the meat of the conversations are happening right here in the blogosphere of writers – see you soon!!

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