Three Things I’ve learned during the Seattle Covid-19 Quarantine

Aff. links: I love passing on links to companies and products I love and use – see below 🖤

We’ve been in quarantine for less than a day statewide, but here in King County, Washington, we’ve been asked to limit activities for weeks. Washington State Governor Jay Inslee ordered a two week ‘stay at home’ order effective yesterday, and has stated today it may have to be extended to prevent further spread of the Covid-19 virus.


If you’re just realizing your city, town, or state may come under the same quarantine order, you may be anxious, worried, or even scared.


With the Covid-19 virus keeping people at home in quarantine, Passion Planner has joined the many other companies world wide offering positivity during what can be, for some people, a very stressful time.

Passion Planner gave away a supply of 2020 planners in exchange for real-life advice from their #PashFam – my only cost was shipping {giveaway has been closed}. I happily answered all the questions quickly when I received the email. Since I took the time to share my thoughts with Passion Planner, and have given them the rights to share on their platforms, I thought I’d share part of my writing with you.


The three lessons I’ve learned:

1) It is so much better to do SOMETHING than to do nothing. By helping others, I feel I have some control and sanity when times are uncertain. Controlling what is in your sphere to control and letting go of what isn’t will give you solace. I’ve posted on my main Instagram account here.

2) The news media, as helpful as they try to be, are still in the business of raising the alarm: “if it leads, it bleeds”. Understanding focus on all the latest news cycle, which changes by the minute in this epidemic, isn’t going to help you. Limit news coverage to once per day and fill the time with other things: hobbies, backlog of projects, reading, taking that long bath you’d love, yoga, meditation, calls to family and friends, and brain breaks. Relationships matter. Your health matters. When you’re in self quarantine, be kind to your mind and your body – less outside, more inside.

3) Focusing less on things, and more on people and relationships, is how I feel filled up. Decluttering my mind from the noise of the day, my home of the superfluous, and my schedule of the busy allows me to have the grace and space for the people who matter to me.

Relationships matter. Your health matters. When you’re in self quarantine, be kind to img_2636your mind and your body.

It’s okay to be afraid, but remember to not let it overtake your thoughts and actions.

Taking a deep breath, walking in nature {even if it’s a city street!} eating healthy, limiting screen time, journaling your thoughts, anxieties, and fears: these are all great ways to acknowledge your feelings, but allow them to be let go.

Redirecting your thoughts and energy toward things you can control to be healthier in your body and mind, and those around you, can take the fuel away from your fear and add fuel to the fire of our collective recovery.

I have been using my Passion Planner to create new rhythms and flow in my days.

It’s one day at a time; we’re not promised tomorrow. Living with intention, focusing on what is important to ourselves and the people we care about, can be easily accomplished using the goal setting tools and collective space of my Passion Planner! It doesn’t have to be beautiful, it just has to be yours 🖤


I may receive compensation from passing on links to companies and products I love and use. I share them because I like to share my experiences in hopes you’ll have to do less searching to find the fixes or products you are looking for – Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Three Things I’ve learned during the Seattle Covid-19 Quarantine

  1. It’s important to be kind to each other. Hubby and I disagreed on a lot of things (OK, I did) but it is better that we work together, pool our thought processes and try to anticipate the next ’tilt’ rather than not be prepared at all.
    Keep safe Kelly.

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