Seattle: Covid-19 Update

Keep Calm & Lather Up!

Hello from King County, Washington! Our county experienced the first deaths in the USA from the COVID-19 outbreak. A stones throw from our home, our communities are dealing with a modern day pandemic.

My family? We are healthy and well. We are not in the vulnerable populations nor is anyone ill in our family.

However, our communities are closing down. Small businesses are being heavily hit and some have already closed their doors.

All of our classes, volunteering, and events in the King County, Snohomish County {north of us}, and Pierce County {to the south of us, Tacoma} are cancelled or moving online indefinitely. Our Governor banned all public events and activities over 250 people per his address yesterday.

The library started shutting down events of over 10 people last week, and museums, zoos, and public places are closing their doors until at least the end of March – many into April.

The boys schools/co-ops are closed and have to online only indefinitely. We are well stocked with antibacterial and cleaning supplies from my husbands surgery and recovery here at home.

Home educating makes it easy for us to continue with almost zero change – except that the roads are virtually car-free with Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and many other tech companies closing campuses, offices, and having employees work from home or giving them paid time off.

We’ve been busy adapting to all the changes, but that’s all! We’re all doing great! I am concerned for the families who are not as well equipped with health care coverage, the ability to stay home and work, those whose hours of employment are being cut due to customers working from home full time. What will they do for childcare? How will they continue to pay their bills and ensure their children are fed and educated? So begins my research into how those populations are being reached.

We are doing well and we hope you are well too 🖤

21 thoughts on “Seattle: Covid-19 Update

      1. I’m so glad to hear it! We’re just a stones throw from the first fatalities in the USA attributed to the COVID 19 virus; Kirkland, Washington is just across the lake from Seattle, Washington. I hope the summer gets here and all the stay-home efforts flatten the curve of the viral infection in our populations to give our health care workers a respite, out scientists the time they need to find a vaccination, and our manufacturers and businesses a chance to catch up with our changing economy.


    1. I’m glad to hear you are all ok! I’ve not seen The Walking Dead, but I’ve heard that reference over and over 😉 I’ve actually been out almost daily for something from the store – for instance, I hadn’t been able to find black beans for weeks. I wouldn’t have bothered, but it’s my oldest son’s favorite go-to protein. I hope you are still well!

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  1. Great to hear you are okay. My daughter homeschools so that’s good and sports activities are curtailed. Shopping here is starting to be a madhouse but I am quarantined at home since I am health compromised and 73. Please jokers in touch with the blog and good luck to all in your area.

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    1. It’s a small world – so many people are now ‘homeschooling’, though some are temporarily home educators only! I think it’s a great time for us, as a global community, to come together and find commonalities to bridge our divides. I’m so glad you are staying quarantined – stay safe ❤

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    1. Thank you for stopping by! I’ve been posting more insights on what Seattle looks like on my Instagram account: if you’d like to see the empty shelves! The good news is, since we were hit early with the epidemic — and if you look through my posts, I talk about our quarantine from my husband’s sledding accident in January and how my family was already well prepared.

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