Fat Tuesday 2020

Fat Tuesday 2020

It’s Fat Tuesday!

In the Christian religion, it’s the last day before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.

I didn’t grow up observing this tradition, but have found as a mother, it’s one I’ve enjoyed sharing with my children. We enjoy a decadent dinner of pancakes – or this year, pizza – and revelry!

Does watching ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ count? ☠️🖤☠️

Preparing for Lent, making room in our hearts and lives for something more, doesn’t need to be a time of less.

In fact, in our home, we make room for more. More love, more learning, more following our passions. In this, I feel my boys are able to experience the Grace of God.

Instead of going without, we squeeze more in. We focus our time on the good things that fill our sails.

Intention: my 2020 Word of the Year

Happy Fat Tuesday