Scrabble Board Family Art

Image by Bikurgurl

Family Scrabble Board

This is our second family Scrabble board.

Our first was made 7 years when we bought our current home in Washington. We constructed it with my parents first Scrabble board they handed down to us..

When I found this gem at @valuevillage_thrift , I knew it was time for us to update one for our family.

I’ve survived Ovarian Cancer, we’ve adopted Darkpaw, and our boys are teenagers. This is our ‘after 40’ board.

We added Lego and Nerf, but of course our gamer gaming as well, with Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Fortnite, and Minecraft.

We also have ‘It’ and ‘clowns’ for my oldest; ‘Sparta’ and ‘video’ for my newest teen; ‘net’ and ‘bowler’ for my husband; ‘hygge’ and ‘tides’ for me!

We used all the letters, as we did in the last one, but the words here reflect where we are now.

I loved doing this project together and can’t wait to frame it .

It’s been a happy 17 years together 🖤

The XI? Roman numeral 11 for the 11 years we’ve lived in Seattle. ‘Za’? A favorite Scrabble word of ours, acceptable form of ‘pizza’.

Game Art Details

How long does it take?

It depends – we usually discuss what we want then realize there are only so many ‘z’s or ‘g’s, then have to compromise.

For instance, we nixed adding names of specific people not in our family and I didn’t get ‘tea’ or ‘coffee’, ‘pumpkin’ had to be let go of, as well as ‘Wick’ {doubling for John Wick and candles}, but in the end, we were satisfied with our compromises!

Now, I just need to go to Ikea and get a matching frame to our first board!


How are you celebrating autumn?

5 thoughts on “Scrabble Board Family Art

  1. What a wonderful idea, and how beautifully personal.
    Many years ago it would be jigsaw puzzles that kept us entertained during the colder months. We have little spare space here, so having to leave the table up to do one might be problematic as it encroaches on where Maggie’s bed is. She might see it as an excuse to get up on the furniture which is a definite No-No apart from our bed at night!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally! We have a project table {otherwise known as the dining table!} where we keep open projects 😉

      But the dogs on the table? Oh yes! We’re forever pushing chairs in to impede their progress 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

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