Deep in Planning

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Deep in Planning

So putting together the planning doesn’t start wit making a calendar, oh no…it starts with knowing my children.

It starts with knowing their interests, goals, dreams, dislikes…it proceeds to what I’d like to weave into our year and what our long-term plan is for college readiness.

The long term plan is more like a framework, not a directive. It’s pliable.

What’s less pliable is our relationships; our family values love, trust, and responsibility.

So when making our plans, I consider my boys carefully.

This year, I’m also utilizing The Homeschool Alliance Planning tool. Julie Bogart introduced many of the concepts last year during her Summer Planning Conference {2018}, but the guide she’s put together this year is excellent!

So I have my journals, lists, planning documents, calendars…and it’s all coming together 🖤

Of course, with a lot of margin.

How are you preparing to plan your year?

6 thoughts on “Deep in Planning

  1. We’re retired so our planning is based upon travel and events we’d like to do. We have a one month trip to see family in Maryland this October, then back to home in TN until early February when we drive to New Orleans for a 14 day Panama Canal cruise. Not much else significant until 2021 when we hope to take a 3 month cross-country RV trip, our last big trip.

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