Planning our Eclectic Unschool with Margin

Image by Bikurgurl

Getting back into a regular school rhythm takes some time, so I go back to what the ‘ideal’ looks like.

For us, it’s a lot of margin. We also call this Opportunity.

A lot.

How else can we pursue our passions without it?

I’ve taken to making weekly/daily lists of obligations, and in this ‘ideal’ week, color blocked the time in our Student Passion Planners for how that time could be spent.

For me, if it’s not written down, I simply can’t ensure I’ll be able to get it done.

What I don’t see on this calendar is our gaming time {both board games and video games} and our read aloud this week was completed via audiobook, but the rest is really our regular flow.

Having teens, most of the work is independent, except History which we meet twice a week to do, and science which we do together but doesn’t need to be planned.

Not pictured: homework lists, reading lists, goal lists, project lists, and journaling.

Just because we’re unschooly, doesn’t mean we don’t plan, have goals, or progress – it just doesn’t look like the regular ‘school’ day because we require a lot of independence and responsibility which is built on mutual trust and relationship.

Here’s what our planning has looked like in detail in the past.

It’s what our Brave Learner lifestyle looks like 🖤

How are you planning your home education this year?


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