In My Garden: July 2019

Deer help themselves to all the plants — so when I was starting, I started with primarily native species. Our local Green Elephant plant swap offers a plethora of native plants. I’ve been working on enlarging my garden, by decreasing my lawn grass for years.

I’ve used this plethora of naturalized organic native plants to free my small garden of the grass carpet covering it!

My favorites are these purple headed coneflowers, Echinacea. I grew these from organic seed; three years it took for these guys to bloom. Was it worth it?

Totally. The link takes you back to the first summer when they grew to over 6 feet in height! I’ve since thinned out the flowers and they make a beautiful prairie landscape grouped with the Shasta Daisies, Blanket Flowers, and Black-eyed Susans.

These orange lillies are quite lovely – even if the blooms just last a day or so.

This pink hydrangea is a new addition to the garden – having been left for dead, I gave it a good compost mixture in pot, bone meal, and a thick layer of mulch and it came back beautifully! I’ve not actually planted him in the soil yet, but I’ve been moving him in his pot around the yard to find the best spot for him.

My big project last year was getting cuttings from my lavender rooted. This year, my big project is getting ‘babies’ from my Oakleaf Hydrangea – not pictured – but it’s gorgeous!

Especially in the winter when the flower blooms are like the whispers of summer flowers 🖤

The skeleton frames left in the fall are one of my favorite parts of my winter garden. I’ll be planning that later, for now: Plans for the fall garden are beginning!

How does your garden grow?


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