The Hard Work

Image by Bikurgurl 2019

Bikurgram 2019

Yesterday was a day of doing the hard work of growth in relationships. Of being the grown up to the ‘grown ups’, of standing up to the decades of posturing and unintentional painful words to stop the cycle from continuing. It’s the hard work of adults to protect the children in our lives from facing the same emotional suckerpunches we endured. It’s about educating with care and love because we don’t get out of this without someone getting hurt: Without everyone being a little broken from the words on every side. If we don’t have the courage to take a stand and protect those who cannot protect themselves, we allow them to fall victim to the same emotional carnage we ourselves suffered…only this time, it’s our fault. We are to blame in some small part for standing idly by and doing nothing. So we do the hard work, we say the hard words in the kindest, most loving way possible, to help build a bridge between those inflicting the hurt and those hurting. And maybe in the process, even finding some healing of our own….. 🖤

Prompt by Jo Hawk the Writer on her Instagram feed – it’s been a pleasure finding you there, my writing friend 🖤

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