Happy Mothers Day, Mama <3

I never thought I’d be a mother, but like my mother who mothered me, I am a fiercely protective mother who mothers from a deep love within. A mama bear of full of love and ferocity ready to protect, guide, and fight for my cubs as I prepare them for the harsh, cruel world they will enter.

No one will love them like mama will love them. No one will defend them and shield them…

But even a mama bear, a mother; even a mother needs to let their cubs go.

Be careful, cubs. This world is big, bright, and beautiful.

I will always be right behind you. I’ll always be your biggest fan. I’ll always be in your corner and ready to fight, defend, and take your side.

When the day comes and you need me to be there to take your cubs, to defend, nurture, love, and protect, with God’s grace I’ll do that too.

To the bitter end.

With all my love, it’s my call, a mother’s call.

My mother’s call to me and my call to you.



My mother and I at my wedding {2002}

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