Happy Easter 2019!

Eggvengers: Egg-game!

The ladies of Marvel as told in eggs – our big egg decorating party for Easter!

I chose to paint/dye/draw {l-r}:

Gamora {Guardians of the Galaxy}

Maria Hill {Agents of Shield}

Black Widow {Avengers}

Shuri {Black Panther}

TBD {by you, who should it be? Valkyrie? The Wasp? Nebula?}

and Captain Marvel {Captain Marvel}.

I am torn on my 6th egg, should it be Nebula, Scarlet Witch, The Wasp {my original thought}, Okoye, Valkyrie {Tessa Thompson’s unnamed character in Thor: Ragnorok}, Hela {though she’s a villain}, an Agent of Shield….

You decide! Let me know who needs to be represented – The Wasp, who is in the only other non-represented movie with a female superhero – except maybe Spider-Man with Aunt May?

Enjoy the Eggstravaganza!!

Happy Easter 🖤

12 thoughts on “Happy Easter 2019!

    1. Oooooo! Good question!!! Electra is Marvel, but not currently in the Marvel Cinematic Universe of The Avengers 🖤 I’d have to ask my boys to know for sure, they’ve read nearly all the Marvel comics, but she’s in a Universe with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage {Powercage}, and Daredevil 🖤 Yay Female Superheroes 🖤

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