Beloved Notre Dame

Image by Bikurgurl

My heart breaks…

The beautiful Notre Dame de Paris, such an iconic cathedral, burns.

We were just there a few months ago, in November 2018. We climbed as high as permitted to the bell tower. It’s magnificence cannot be overstated.

The loss … tragic.

Image by Bikurgurl

Architecture….I have been in love with these flying buttresses since I was in the 6th grade. Medieval architecture, the dawn of modern engineering….breathtaking.

I posted these images, as well as a repost of a short video from the New York Times website here.

I scroll through – the first two images were posted on my Travel account on Instagram, @bikurgurl_travels – but I have hundreds I took on my Cannon DSLR camera. So many beautiful images…

A piece of history can be restored, but the original is forever gone.


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