Friday’s ….

Image by Bikurgurl

April 12, 2014

One of my ‘memories’ from 5 years ago 🖤

I home educate because I didn’t want to rush, miss the precious moments, and have the time to enjoy building relationships with my children while they were young.

I could load them up and take them on adventures near and far with little more coercion than my own enthusiasm.

And snacks – always snacks!

These days, they have their own lives, friends, goals, and opinions. It’s all the things I knew would happen, wanted to happen, am thrilled has happened, but it doesn’t mean I don’t wish we could be a bit more spontaneous….

This trip to horseback ride at Redmond’s Farrel-McWhirter Park – a farm park on the Eastside of Lake Washington {this called, ‘the Eastside’ of Seattle} – was the first of many planned events we started implementing into our schedules.

Instead of having a long list of books to read and potential activities to explore, we started setting dates in stone. Co-ops, classes, lessons….these starting becoming more and more regular in our routines.

We’re now bound to a more regimented schedule which throttles my free-spirited nature to wander. It’s really good for my boys, but isn’t in my nature.

I now get one day a week that is slowly becoming a day of my own. Friday’s are becoming my day to do as I wish. I can plan coffee dates with friends, get drinks at night, plan doctors appointments, schedule meetings, go hiking or biking, or even wander far and near to get the wanderer – the free-spirit in me – satisfied.

I don’t long to go back to the days when they were young because I was there. I was in it with my whole heart.

The key to continuing to evolve is to slowly make the changes you wish to see in your life. It doesn’t happen overnight; it happens with the hundreds of small choices we make each day 🖤

Appreciating the past while looking forward to a bright future.

Do just one thing for you today – you, and your family, will thank you for it.

🖤Happy Friday, my friends 🖤



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