Haircuts {or: Letting Go}

Haircuts! {or: Letting Go}

These guys are my heart, but they won’t pose for a picture without acting goofy unless I employ a lot of coaxing….or we’re on a field trip. In public. And sometimes that doesn’t matter.

But it’s spring break and we’re just enjoying our Seattle Staycation!!

PJs, Fortnite, dog parks, bus rides, and more!!

But first: today was waking up with Spongebob, making hot chocolate together, and getting our Poetry Slam {ie: Poetry Tea Time inspired by my homeschool guru, Julie Bogart} before we start our adventure!

Did I mention my almost-15-year-old, The Bibliophile, got about 10” cut off his hair!! Look at our picture from The Nordic Museum last week – this handsome guy and his brother, The Artist, are growing up before my eyes….and every year, our relationships get better and better!

Who said parenting teens is hard? Letting go is the hard part – trusting the process after doing the hard work of their childhood is the best 🖤


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