Planning Your Week, April 2019

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Weekly Planning!

Hello and welcome to a quick overview of how I’m currently handling our weekly planning. It’s suffice to say that things in my house have changed tremendously over the past year. Over the past six months. Over the past month.

That’s life. We keep growing, changing, and evolving to continue living our best lives. The past year has been a really tough one for me; one of changing roles, changing commitments, changing obligations, and changing routines. I’m pretty happy to be finally evening out with all of the changes.

Our rhythm has developed and evolved through the years, but when I plan on Sundays – the close of my week – the whole week is better!

I’ve described how I’ve used the travelers notebooks and bullet journaling, but I’ve found with so many obligations, I needed to move to a paper calendar that was prefilled with all the dates and times – that way I could just jot down my appointments and classes without having to create a new calendar with each new planner, book or method that was filling me at the time.

I use Passion Planner

I’ve also moved to putting more of our commitments on our family Google Calendar because my boys now use it to in their planning! It’s amazing ❤

I like Sundays because we purposefully build in margin after church for chores, events, and family time before our busy week begins again. I can sit down with all the boys and coordinate schedules with my family for the upcoming week in our Passion Planners {the boys used to use handmade ones!}, figure out dinners for the week from our current rotation, and do the shopping from the list of what we need.

I first look at my monthly grid calendar in my Passion Planner, then glance over my bullet journal calendar list to ensure all the information matches for the week. I then check the electronic calendar to make sure we’re not double booked and everyone has a ride, or proper coverage, to get where they need to go. I can then discuss with the boys what they’re doing for the week and, more importantly, let them know where their dad and I will be, if we have classes or work after hours, and how that fits into their schedules.

Once that is set, I’m able to see when we’ll all be home for dinners during the week and if there’s a night we’ll be eating out together or grabbing dinner on the way. We have a short list of dinner categories for which many items overlap.

Our current schedule is usually:

Meatless Monday {usually Pasta and/or salad}

Taco Tuesday {tacos, quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas}

Grilling Wednesday {Breakfast for dinner is a great alternative}

Throw-together Thursday {Stirfry, soup, sandwiches, or leftovers}

Pizza Friday {usually homemade, but out or ordered in, it’s always a hit}

Saturday Out {we’re usually out of the house or off-schedule}

Shopper Sunday {Since one of us goes to the store it’s shoppers choice for dinner!}


This is a huge change for us as we have regularly just tried packing dinners or chalking up 3 or 4 days a week to take out. Taking the convenience of grabbing dinner out made me complacent in my meal planning. All that changed this winter after we returned from Paris and I started cooking most meals at home from {mostly} scratch again.

While I thought it was wonderful to feed my guys such nutritious food, I was getting terribly frustrated with my children not liking what I made to eat, or my husband taking a working dinner out — which meant leftovers for days for the rest of us. Well, really just me; and some of the things I was cooking I didn’t even like, but I was cooking for the other people in my family who, then, wouldn’t be eating it.

It finally came to a head last month and I went on strike.

I just stopped cooking. It had gotten so frustrating to plan, cook, and clean after myself – as well as three other people in and out of the kitchen – I said enough. We ate a lot of sandwiches, soups, and regular meals out. The meals out at first seemed indulgent, but then became such a relief from the stress of cooking, cleaning, no-one-eating. I balanced the eating out by tapping my children to cook dinners. They did. Nothing fancy, but they could get something quick on the table and I didn’t mind cleaning up. I’ve also dropped making breakfasts every morning and even get delivery by a local milkman to cut out extra grocery trips for milk, eggs, and tortillas {we eat a lot of tortillas in this house!}.

Everything else goes on the grocery list, along with any other household items we purchase in-store, and not on-line, and we’re done! Easy!

Knowing who will be eating at home when, and making quick, healthy meals the norm, it’s easy for us to restock our regular pantry items and fresh foods from what we regularly purchase. It goes on the list and I go to the store usually that afternoon. My husband makes a stop on the way home to pick up something about once a week, but that’s it!

The planning together is really more like a family meeting. We determine what everyone needs in the upcoming week, understand the meetings, tests, appointments, friends, and commitments, then we’re able to understand the rhythm together. We already have our daily, weekly, and monthly checklists which get copied over for cleaning, regular classwork to check, maintenance, and chores. Any of those changes are addressed during the week, but not usually on Sundays.

Sundays are more for discussions about new projects, new travel opportunities, class opportunities, or when we ask each other for help to reach our goals. We reconnect after a long week and are able to more objectively look at the week ahead.

APRIL 2019

We’re not traveling this month. My husband just returned from a business trip to Europe. The boys and I intended on joining him, but the travel was moved from April to March, which meant we stayed in Seattle while he traveled. He was just starting to get ill before he left and we’ve all been ill the last month with this lingering illness. After finally being well for a few days, we decided to skip a planned excursion to Vancouver, Canada, in order to stay home.

A Seattle Spring Break Staycation is in order this week. My boys and I have Spring Break from our Homeschool Co-Op classes and are planning jaunts around Greater Seattle! We have several memberships we aren’t using regularly and would like to get out and travel to the coast, the Tulip Festival, and maybe even hit a few museums, zoos, and aquariums along the way.

Taking this time to prepare for our week on Sunday is priceless! It’s the difference between being prepared and feeling frazzled. I prefer the former to the latter.


How do you manage your week?


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