Enchantment: Poetry Tea Time

Julie reminds us about Enchantment and says, ‘Guy Kawasaki defines enchantment as: Voluntary, Enduring, Delightful’ – so true!


Image by Bikurgurl

It’s Tuesday, do you know what time it is? Poetry Tea Time!!

Though my boys dislike the name, they love the treats!! And guess what I do…..I pair with our Smith Brothers delivery and spring for muffins every week – FTW!!!

I was telling some of you at book clubs this month, I felt SO guilty of not getting up and baking, making, or otherwise putting the ‘love’ into personally preparing the treats.

Here’s the thing….Julie gives you PERMISSION, mama!! You don’t need her, or me, to do that….but she did. I needed the permission to not ‘do it all’. I don’t ‘do it all’ well anyway! Why not leave the part I stress over to someone else?!?

{{{{Watershed Moment}}}}

So I do. I pay the $7 for Alki Bakery Blueberry Muffins to be delivered to my door with Organic Eggs, Organic Milk, tortillas, and yogurt.

The boys know the delivery is coming, they go retrieve it for me and take care of the clean-up.

Be still my mama heart

Of course, my guys are old enough to do the cooking, the baking, the cleaning…but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to have someone else do it for them! I sure do!!

I won’t be doing Poetry today, we’ve switched the Thursdays when our Smith Brothers Delivery changed. I don’t always set the table beautifully {unless I do it the night before, I’m not the best morning person as I save that time for writing and checking online!!}, but I do make the down time part of our days.

What D.E.A.R. Time looks like at our house
When we Drop Everything And Read, we really do just drop everything and read! If it’s nice outside, we like to take blankets out with snacks and read in the yard, but we’re never opposed to curling up on the couch either!

Do what I do: go out!

Yes!! Go out to a cute coffee place, a local eatery, something completely out of the norm. Treat everyone to a drink or just split one bakery item between you all.

Sometimes it’s about giving yourself permission: that’s what can make the magic happen! This is the enchantment!!

Enchantment – Surprise – Flip the Script


What are you giving yourself permission to do today?

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