Tell Me a Story


Image by Bikurgurl

“Tell me a story, daddy! Please?” she softly spoke. He was in his own world, consumed with deadlines, commitments, and the need to get out of the rain.

Timidly again, “Daddy? Will you tell me a story?” Her lower lip quivering, she didn’t want to startle him. Startling him in the past made him angry. She knew if he got angry, he certainly wouldn’t tell her a story. Not even in this magical place.


Standing up, she turned to face him, leaning in to give him a kiss.

Jumping in surprise at the unexpected closeness, she tumbled slowly down.


Written for 100 Word Wednesday: Week 113

How to participate? A few guidelines as we begin….

  1. Simply check my feed, or search the reader, for the 100WW or tag #100WW, post each Wednesday. I’ll also be posting on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Feeds.
  2. Write your submission on your blog, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook Feed and ping back to the weekly blog post. Feel free to use the image provided or your own. Please do credit the artist whose image we use — Links provided.
  3. I have not enabled automatic pingbacks due to a plethora of spam messages attempting to link up. Do feel free to also continue posting your links and I will enable your pingbacks as I check my blog. Thank you for understanding!!
  4. I’ll provide a Weekly Summary, or Windup, of posts on or by Tuesday; take the opportunity to read and comment on your fellow bloggers posts {keeping in mind to give each other grace and space}. I try to read them all and post your submission in the Weekly Windup.
  5. Have fun! I enjoy reading your challenge submissions!

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