Hi! I’m Kelly – Welcome to my Blog. Here I am in Lanai, Hawaii
{previously posted, in brief, on my Instagram feed!}
My online moniker is Bikurgurl and have been using it for years. Many people ask, ‘Do you ride?’ And the answer is yes! I ride bicycles, and on the back of motorcycles in the past – though maybe I’ll have my own Low Rider {hawg} …..someday.
I blog here at and run a weekly free-writing event – please feel free to join any of the, now, 111 weeks of image prompts to write from {Note, some of them may be closed to comments; I’d be happy to open up specific weeks if you’re interested in sharing!}. I love our community of bloggers, authors, writers, and poets — not to mention tinkerers and thoughtful people who stop by. If you’re feeling particularly generous, feel free to link to the image prompts — I’d love to read it ❤

Personally, I love photography, reading, traveling, watching movies, gaming, and posting to Instagram – and always, drinking coffee!


I home educate my two teens boys and live with my husband in Seattle, Washington – via Midwest – USA.


We’re a gaming family meaning we love to play games. Be it board games, card games, story games, numbers games, spelling games, online games, handheld games — we really love them all. In placing fun and relationship at the center of our home, we focus on following our chidlrens interests. SO much goodness comes from our continuing to pursue our passions, and enable our children to pursue theirs, in our quest for knowledge and to inquire with curiosity.


Though we do not prescribe to just one ideology with regard to education, preferring to follow our children’s interests, we ‘label’ ourselves ‘Eclectic Unschoolers’ {our obscure label}and pair our interests and educational goals with theirs; click through the link to see how we incorporate Recursion!
But Hawaii ❤





My husband and I love to travel and take our children with us. Our children are not always happy about it, as they love being home. Isn’t that wonderful? To be part of creating an environment our children don’t want to leave? Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, ‘There’s no place like home” ❤


Meanwhile, I love Hawaii!! These images were taken while we were traveling on Maui and Lanai in February 2019.
Some of you may have already seen them in my sidebar because I post often on Instagram {IG}:
Our ‘schooly’ stuff is on my IG account @eclectic_unschoolers
Our travel is on my IG account @bikurgurl_travels
I first wrote this post in my IG account in response to The Brave Learner author, Julie Bogart. I met Julie at Wild + Free Portland 2018 {*I thought I wrote a blog post, but I’ll have to do that!!}. As I stumbled over my introduction and conversation with her, she just gave me a big hug. It was so needed!!
I was at my lowest energy, home educating mama season of my life. I felt I had no tribe in my home educating community and wasn’t sure how I was going to successfully help my high schooler. Shortly after meeting Julie, I joined her coaching community, the Homeschool Alliance, and am now running a group of in-real-life {IRL} Book Clubs walking, chapter-by-chapter through her book, The Brave Learner, with over 60 Brave Learning Seattle Home Educators!
I cannot tell you the positive transformation Julies years of Periscopes and Podcasts, many on her You Tube Channel, The Bravewriter, and her Coaching Community has had on my home educator life. I’ve gone from loneliness and fear to joy and camaraderie.
Although a lot of work I’m doing on my own insides, my perspective and squashing my unfounded fears, it’s so worth the effort!!
I’ve had to really reprioritize my homeschool, my family relationships, and my own education to focus on the short years I have left to really help guide my children to adulthood. I’ve missed being a bigger part of the blogging community, but I will have time. Because the payoff is not just having children ready to carry their passions into adulthood. No. It’s also saving this Homeschool mamas sanity.
I can never thank Julie enough for hugging me that day last year – when I felt so overwhelmed and stuck – so alone in the home education world. She helped me find my way back to the home educator I want to be.
I cannot wait to meet Julie and all the other Brave Learners again this summer in Cincinnati – a collective of other educators on this journey of enchantment, curiosity, and greater community of relationship-centric families!!
My goals and dreams? I still dream of being a writer, poet, a teller of stories. I hope to move to a place where my allergies don’t drive me crazy, and Hawaii is looking pretty awesome ❤



As for my blog, I’m getting more time to put into it and I can’t wait to share more writing with you ❤

Please Introduce yourself, link to your ‘About Me’ Page, or share your Instagram Account!

2 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Hello! Great to meet you! I usually do your weekly challenge, but am glad to know more about you. Hawaii was heaven on earth for us years ago on a two week vacation in the 70’s on Maui. I’m sure it’s much different now. My daughter has homeschooled and has a 12 and 16 year old now she is teaching, her last of seven homeschool children. They’ve all done extremely well. Good luck to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well hello!!! I had no idea your daughter homeschooled — it’s a big job, but the payoff is given every day ❤

      Maui seems to be much the same – though the facades are updated, and the rooms a bit more upscale, much of the island remains unchanged outside of the big tourist areas {from what I understand and in our rambles around the island}.

      I'm so glad you stopped by to say hello – thank you ❤


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