March 2019 Planning

Image by Bikurgurl

I’ve written overviews of my planning. Specifically, I manage our family calendar, as well as our home education of our children. I’ve grown and changed in the way I plan, and over the past 8 months have been using a Passion Planner, along with my Leuchtturum 1917, for my planning.

I finally purchased a Passion Planner last summer when the Classic Size and cover were offered for $1 each — I simply started in July and used Happy Planner stickers to cover the dates for January 2018-June 2018, changing it to January 2019-June 2019.

Of course, I marvel at the beautiful spreads on Instagram, but mine is pretty utilitarian – mine can even get messy by the end of the month.

I kept taping in information, painting pages, tucking in papers, and now it’s a full, yet burly, mess. So I ordered a new Student Passion Planner at 50% off around Christmas. I wanted to try the Pro size and love that the cover is part of the book. It’s easy to manage in my bag and I leave the big, unwieldy Classic Planner on my desk.

So after weeks of traveling and Brave Learner Book Clubs, I’m finally updating my portable Passion Planner Pro with my old Classic Passion Planner and our shared, online, family calendar.

And to top it off, I had to start a new Bullet Journal {Bujo} last week; it used to house my schedule, but now it where I brain dump, plan, and journal all the information. Writing ideas, story starters, blog posts, whether or not they actually get written are all housed here.

Quotes, book reviews and recommendations, every bit of information is written down in one of these places.

My Word of the Year for 2019: Streamline – I’m attempting to do this with my calendar/planning/writing system.

Now to figure out how to integrate it all with my husbands on-line only world — I’m open to suggestions!!


How do you do your planning?

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