The Brave Learner

Image by Bikurgurl

I’ve been a Julie Bogart Super Fan for years! And although I couldn’t wait to read her book, The Brave Learner, I did think it would just be a recap of all her years of fantastic Podcasts, Periscopes, Blog Posts, and fantastic Instagram account – but it’s so much more!!

And I’m even a member of her Coaching Community!!

Julie’s calm, inquisitive, supportive nature, coupled with the experience of both home educating and public educating her 5 children, who are all now successfully thriving adults, wrote to my mama heart. The Brave Learner is the articulation of my ideal family relationship methods; it’s what I’ve tried to create in my home and with my family. From creating coziness and Poetry Tea Time, to Gaming Family validation and choosing a child-centered, interest-led education, Julie has a step-by-step guide that incorporates the gentle, supportive, loving guidance I work to achieve in my own home.

Whether you are a young parent, grandparent, public, private, or home educator – Julie’s Brave Learning ideas will spark enchantment and joy within your home, family, and yourself. Her ideas for striking out your own path to Awesome Adulting and repeatedly encouraging yourself to lower the bar to find success are so positively impactful in our world of bigger, better, more — you have permission to be human, to be yourself, you are enough.

Thank you, Julie, for this cozy guide to creating relationship-centric families 🖤

I’ve also started a local book club to deep dive into the practices of this book — so over the next 14 months or so, I’ll be meeting with other fantastic, relationship-focused mamas to discuss what works, what hasn’t worked, and how we can, ‘awaken our own awareness to seeding the passions of our children’ – that’s a Julie-ism!!


What inspired reading have you been loving?

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