Hawaiian Vacation 2019

Saturday Night

🌺 Aloha 🌺

Loving my Danskos and custom-made traveling dress from Elle Michelle — made packing light a breeze! The brilliance in her design is double-sided pieces with 2 pockets {deep enough for a cell phone in one, wallet in the other, and still room for more!}. It’s the only outfit I brought for going out our entire 11 days in the islands 🖤

Loving my Hawaiian Vacation, family in tow, enjoying romantic evenings with my husband and fun days with our boys.

Swinging in the hammock at the end of a long day and walk on the boardwalk with my husband: perfection 🖤

I despise the winter cold, so this planned vacation couldn’t have come at a better time! We’ve escaped Seattle’s Snowmageddon to enjoy a relaxing family holiday on Maui.

It’s only our second trip to the islands, first trip to Maui, but it’s already been so relaxing. We splurged for a Cabana and have enjoyed protection from the Hawaiian rains and sun, as well as service from the resort. It’s so indulgent, but practically perfect!!

I’ve been posting pictures and videos to my Instagram accounts @Bikurgurl and @Bikurgurl_Travels — click through to enjoy the relaxing Hawaiian breezes!

🌺 Aloha 🌺



11 thoughts on “Hawaiian Vacation 2019

    1. I know, right?!? I hear there’s still snow in Seattle — though I wouldn’t know! I’ve avoided all news and most social media, just checking in on my blog, Instagram, and my book club 🖤✔️

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      1. It’s funny. I saw a couple of stories on the snow in Seattle and we laugh b/c it’s like -2C & we’d all kill for that right now. But, we also know many cities aren’t prepared for weather like that — the roads, emergency services, people themselves with shovels & ice-melt etc. And, it even snowed in Las Vegas lol. It’s the first time in decades!
        Have fun lucky lady!

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      2. So true! The first winter we lived in Seattle, we were the only family on the block with a snow shovel! Because it rarely snows, Seattle doesn’t have a fleet of snow trucks – couple that with all the hills feeding into Puget Sound and people who don’t know how to drive/live in the snow, the city usually just ‘shuts down’ for a day. This time, we were snowed into our neighborhood. I think we had like 14” unplowed for two weeks, no garbage pickup….crazy!!! I’m thankful we had this planned and we’re able to fly out {I’m just not looking forward to going back!!} 😉 Thank you, my friend 🖤

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      3. Lol. That’s crazy. Snow shouldn’t trap you & stop essential services lol. We just shovel ourselves out & we know to go like half-way b/c it’s way harder to shovel all 4ft then to shovel in between. We do have ploughing and sanding trucks, but the city is cheap — especially before Christmas. They do main roads, bus routes, and then into residential. Do people have houses equipped for that much snow or cold? Enough insulation etc? The driving throws us here too, but you get used to it — I can see how it would shut school, going into work down as freeways and highways are worst. At a certain age, it’s hardest on older people worst of all. My mom won’t drive straight to the mall 25 minutes. Before she would, Just more recently. My godparents in their 70’s too go out little. I’m visiting tomorrow & feel bad for them — my god uncles knee needs surgery and that makes driving tough — then his truck had a flat tire. I think this is why we have many ‘snowbirds’ here 🙂
        No, worries about coming home besides feeling cold a bit. I hear March is supposed to be much warmer in most places. So, Your snow should begin to melt! Take care 🙂

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      4. Yes agreed. I’m told the açaí bowls in Hawaii and it’s islands are amazing. If you have one, tell me if they’re good 🙂

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