“You don’t owe allegiance to a system ~ You owe allegiance to your family” – Julie Bogart

Image by Bikurgurl

“You don’t owe allegiance to a system ~ you owe allegiance to your family” – Julie Bogart, founder of Bravewriter and author of The Brave Learner

As I continue the Kon-Mari of my home, I started listening to the Homeschool Unrefined Podcast and had to listen to Julie’s interview from January 27, 2019.

She gives words to my family culture and values: A lexicon. This quote stopped me in my tracks because, though said much more eloquently than I had said, articulates my feelings about my values.

It’s also, likely, why I’ve often felt like we’re on the fringe of so many homeschool groups. We did it our way and often didn’t budge to conform to the group standards, leaving us on the outside.

We found much more in common with private and public school families who were enamored with our decision to home educate, but didn’t thrust upon us their expectations of what that should look like.

Once I finally gave up the idea of finding our homeschool tribe, we all breathed a sigh of relief.

We are enough. We’re doing it right….for us.

If you’re worried, if your trying to live your best life, you’re already doing it.

You are enough.

I am so thankful Julie is providing, not just the home education community, but parents – in particular women – the empowerment to realize they deserve to be enough.

Even if I just realized in mid-life, I don’t spell ‘allegiance’ correctly.

Permission is everything.


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