100 Word Wednesday: Week 101


Image by Nicole Honeywill

Thank you for joining our awesome writing community who challenges themselves weekly as we weave together our 100 words!

What 100 words would you give this image?

Interested in joining us? Check out the guidelines below and ping back to be included in the Writing Wind-up!

Let the writing begin!


How to participate? A few guidelines as we begin….

  1. Simply check my feed, or search the reader, for the 100WW or tag #100WW, post each Wednesday. I’ll also be posting on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Feeds.
  2. Write your submission on your blog, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook Feed and ping back to the weekly blog post. Feel free to use the image provided or your own. Please do credit the artist whose image we use — Links provided.
  3. I have not enabled automatic pingbacks due to a plethora of spam messages attempting to link up. Do feel free to also continue posting your links and I will enable your pingbacks as I check my blog. Thank you for understanding!!
  4. I’ll provide a Weekly Summary, or Windup, of posts on or by Tuesday; take the opportunity to read and comment on your fellow bloggers posts {keeping in mind to give each other grace and space}. I try to read them all and post your submission in the Weekly Windup.
  5. Have fun! I enjoy reading your challenge submissions!

25 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday: Week 101

  1. Once a upon a time there was a lit gamer named Laz3rTaz3r he owned some dome dinosaurs he had a troodon, a baryonyx, a dilophosaurus, a velociraptor, a megapnosaurus, a coelurus, a elaphrosaurus, a tyrannosaurus rex, and a yangchuanosaurus. He also had many aquatic reptiles such as liopluradon, a mosasaurus, and a stixasaurus. He had two pterosaurs a dimorphodon and a pteranodon. He played games such as Assassin’s creed odyssey and Assassin’s creed 2, and brotherhood. He played Minecraft, Ark survival evolved, Jurassic World evaluation, and battle front 2 he had a Dell alienware laptop and a full set of spartan armor, a kopis and a spear


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