Typical Procrastinator

Typical procrastinator

I’ve been longing for some time just to write.


In the house.

By myself.

After a thorough cleaning, walking the dogs, cleaning up the house….my desk was ready for me to write at!!


I had to straighten the couch, water outdoor plants, and clear off my desk before I could start.

I’m so happy we changed the orientation of our office so my desk can look over the garden!


How are you getting your writing in?

8 thoughts on “Typical Procrastinator

  1. Ha ha, I can totally relate! At least you did productive tasks while you were procrastinating on writing. If I’m not careful, I’ll get sucked into a book instead — or worse, into some endless web surfing. For instance, obviously I need to thoroughly research the debate about whether or not people actually used loose rushes on the floors in Medieval castles or if they were really using woven rush mats!

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    1. Ah! Great question!!! I was thinking about you when I found the elusive book of Medieval maps while at the thrift store — didn’t see any books on home care this time, but I read most of a couple of library books about it. Did I send you my reading list? I don’t think I posted it online 🤔 Hmmmmm…. lmk!

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      1. No, I don’t think you ever sent a list like that to me, and it sounds very interesting! (As though I need to add more to my “to read” list, hahahaha!) The rushes thing really is a surprisingly debated thing, and I’m still not sure which side has the most evidence. I’m just glad I’m writing an alternate fantasy world and not historical fiction, so that I can just choose one and say that it’s so.

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