Homeschool Planning -Bullet Journal Style

Eclectic Unschoolers, Image Credit: Bikurgurl 2018

I’ve been making my guys bullet journal style calendars which act as organizers for not only time, but also interests. I’ve taken my love of planning and am helping them create for themselves a system which not just follows their events and activities, but allows them the grace and space to dream, then make a plan to follow those dreams.

Following appointments and tasks given by me, or others, won’t necessarily help them reach their personal goals and objectives. For them to take charge of their lives, we start small. It’s the regular habits which, over time, build the skill sets for the bigger picture.

Of course, this is just an introduction into how we homeschool – as interest-led learners complying with the Washington State Homeschool Law, I take the time to create an environment conducive to learning. I also help put challenges in my boys paths, as well as creating opportunities to try new activities, read and explore, and of course, travel as much as we can.

I also recently rambled a bit about Braveschooling with the Bravewriter Book Giveaway 😉

But these notebooks – they are the one-stop shop for making sure all the rest happens.

Crafting these from composition notebooks {aff link – but if you wait until July in the USA, you can get them for pennies at back-to-school sales!}, it’s easy to add extra notes – or whatever they need! Whether they’re adding books to their life book list or birds to their life birding list, they’ve got one spot to capture what they see in the day-to-day as well as look back through the months and see how they spent their time, what they enjoyed, how they’re interests and opinions have changed.

As they evolve, their life organizer can evolve with them.

So drawing these out, I’m not looking for perfection, just an easy way to help them stay accountable to themselves, their goals — and of course the chores!


How do you, or your children, plan to set goals and achieve them?


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