Braveschooling: Summer Book Giveaway!

This giveaway is in no way affiliated with me, — I’m just sharing the love!

Even if you don’t Braveschool – that is, focus on reading literature, poetry, and using that as a jumping off board for writing – that’s okay!

You can  enter this contest to win free summer reading books & I get more entries too!

Enter Here!

Also, if you’re interested, from the Bravewriter Arrow or Boomerang program!

Brave Writer Arrows and Boomerangs
Image Credit: Bravewriter 2018

From Julie Bogart, the brilliant mind behind Bravewriter, has core values which, as an eclectic unschooler focusing on interest-led learning, I already value in our own home and family.

In addition, her Bravewriter lifestyle activities include a plethora of fun, free, activities you can implement today. She says these Bravewriter activities support a language rich lifestyle — and I can’t agree more!

From her website:

Brave Writer activities that support a language rich lifestyle:

Poetry Teatime

Reading Aloud

Big Juicy Conversations


Literary Elements

Nature Journaling

Writing Projects

Art Appreciation

Movies and Television




One on One Time

Jot It Down

Language Games

Sharing Your Writing

I’ve admired her for years. Her inspiration for not only homeschool mothers, but women and families, is a beacon of opportunity for me to feel supported while honing a path for and supporting my own children and family. Check her out on YouTube or on her Podcast Channel — they are my new go-to listening obsession!

Through reading, gaming, enjoying nature, and values-based, interest-led learning, our boys are becoming the men who will be changing the world daily by their thoughts, words, and deeds.

Thanks for learning more about our homeschool — and please do click through the link to enter yourself for a free set of summer reading!

She’s got International Winners covered too!! You’ll win a $100 gift card in lieu of the bookstack – to create a bookstack of your own!

Enter Here!


This giveaway is in no way affiliated with me, — I’m just sharing the love!

What are you reading this summer?

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