Review: Third Culture Coffee

Third Culture Coffee in Bellevue, Washington is a lovely coffee bar with a swing!


Literally – it has a swing for two!

When I want to try a new coffee bar, I go no further than my good friend LMB, author and photographer of Hopping Around the World and avid Instagrammer – we girls do like our visuals!

As a coffee aficionado, LMB finds all the fun coffee bars for us and provided all the images for this post {as my iPhone was dead!}.

Third Culture Coffee has a big draw — a giant swing situated next to a child’s play area, but don’t let that fool you! This cool place also has food and alcohol – not just a children’s area – so it’s great, no matter your mood.

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Of course, the first image isn’t really of coffee at all, but this decadent avocado toast with balsamic vinaigrette reduction. The bread was thick with a salty crust which made this toast meal-worthy! I’m a sucker for avocado, and on toast?

How can a gurl say no?!?

I paired the toast with the Indian Filter Coffee – a coffee with hints of chicory and sweetened milk. I made my coffee vegan with just a touch of maple syrup. When I saw the chicory, I couldn’t say no. It’s a Southern Roots thing.

My taste buds were thanking me!

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Ms. LMB procured this turmeric infused selection, with cow milk, though I did have a little sip. It was refreshingly spicy in all the right ways!

We found the small space rather grey, not unusual for Seattle, and cozy with a few hipsters working on laptops, a mother and child in the swing area, and a couple of young women with their dogs grabbing a quick bite to eat at the back of the bar. The staff was pleasant and happy to assist with coffee selections with food pairings.

I’m sure the vibe is much different in the evenings when more patrons may be ordering from the alcohol menu, but LMB does not imbibe in alcohol, so I may have to visit again with my husband for a nightcap!

Of course, Third Culture Coffee has a variety of teas and coffee brewing methods available. I enjoyed reading through the descriptions in store, but unfortunately they are not available on-line. I think this requires a second visit to the shop for more pictures, cups of coffee, and time to enjoy each others company!

A note about parking: parking in Old Downtown Bellevue can be tricky. There are a couple of paid parking garages, but if you are patient, you may find street parking for up to two hours. In the evenings, when the techies leave work, it can get nearly impossible to park – so if you’re able to use public transit, you’ll save the hassle!


No Affiliate Post – just my random thoughts for you!

This review is not in any way affiliated with Third Culture Coffee. We paid our own way and enjoyed, or did not enjoy, the coffee, food, and atmosphere. Thanks for stopping by!


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