Solo: A Star Wars Story

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So this happened this weekend – Solo: A Star Wars Story!

We love going to AMC Theatres for premiers! With online reservable seats, even new movies can be planned for and seen at the matinee rate!

Although a lot of the movie was dark with bright flashes of light — literally, not figuratively — it was an entertaining story.

The thing with prequels, we’re realizing in the Star Wars franchise, is though the stories are interesting, it’s not the same as the original trilogy {episodes 4, 5, & 6, the original releases in the late 1970’s} — or for that matter, the final trilogy {episodes 7, 8, & 9}. I don’t have as many issues with the second trilogy {episodes 1, 2, & 3} because I enjoy a good backstory: character development.

These origin stories are great for character development through backstory and add layers of interest for new, and ever-faithful, Star Wars fans.

Our biggest disappointment? No scrolling intro story. Our boys said the origin stories don’t have the scrolling script, but I’ll need to revisit Rouge One this week to confirm.

I told my family that I must be getting spoiled watching so many movies in the theatre: I was critiquing the theatre size and cinematography like I’d never done before.

Though we can reserve seats, we saw this in the smallest theatre – holding 107 seats – at our local AMC. Combined with the many low lighting scenes for the first half of the film, even though we were halfway back in the theatre seating, the scenes were difficult to see and the flashes of light overly distracting due to the film being shot/filtered to be in such low light. I don’t like being a critic, but I’d recommend if/when you see it, keep this in mind when choosing your seat! My guess is it will make all the difference in how you see the movie and will likely enjoy it much more!

While I don’t think we’ll go back to see it at the theatre, but I’m looking forward to seeing it at home!



Didn’t get to see it? Check out the Official Trailer:



8 thoughts on “Solo: A Star Wars Story

    1. There are so many more Star Wars stories written in the comic book world, cartoon series, and other sagas. While the latest movie wasn’t received well by traditionalists in the Star Wars, but if you look at it as a story, not a Star Wars story, it’s a good story 😊 Character development, growth, intrigue, and action? It’s all there✔️


      1. I’m glad you brought this up because we’ve had discussions in several social circles regarding how stories can ‘…jump the shark…’ or diverge too far from the source {particularly with regard to movies made from/inspired by books} – what do you think? With Star Wars, the reality is Disney bought the rights to the franchise, and as such, will be making movies as long as there are fans to pay for tickets and merchandise. It’s less about the validity of the story and its roots, and more about the dozens of storylines outside the original series.


      2. I’ve only seen the original Star Wars movie but I’ve heard descriptions of the sequels and the prequels, which probably began with the Star Wars franchise. If I had seen all of the movies associated with the franchise, I’d probably be confused. I think I’m probably more of a purist in that regard but as I mentioned before, I haven’t seen the others.

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      3. I saw the trilogy when I was a child, so the second trilogy was jarring — particularly because of the character named Jar Jar Binks. I wasn’t ready to accept there was more story to tell, but then my children watched the franchise movies and loved it all!

        Their enthusiasm changed my perspective!

        When the other sagas began to be made, I realized quickly that the problem I’d had all along was that the backstory I’d imagined was different than the creators.

        The epiphany, coupled with the perspective of my children, gave me the opportunity to see a broader picture of what the story could be — allowing me to appreciate the creators vision.

        Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing with me your thoughts! 😊


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