My Ikea Love: Shelves

So this happened yesterday – my husband fulfilled my long dream of shelves above our credenza.

If you’ve noticed, we kinda love Ikea.

We’d searched high and low for affordable ‘natural yet hefty’ shelves, but ultimately couldn’t choose anything but our lovely Ikea Lack Shelves. At only $29 each, they were the bargain of the year!

As I posted on Instagram, I was looking for shelving options.

Originally, we were thinking we’d do live edge planks – but the cost was prohibitive. Most of the options for shelves 6 feet long by 2 inches high by {at least} 10 inches deep were upwards of $500. Each.


We decided putting any extra funds were better spent on travel.

I’ve seen this asymmetrical layout in several Instagram posts – even mocked them up on my Instagram account!

The progression from no shelves to shelves full of Lego, a few framed prints {still deciding what to hang}, and our boom box with our scaled down CD and cassette tape collection makes me so happy!

My goal for the shelving? A landing spot for Lego creations and sets.



Our boys were away with their church youth group this weekend volunteering – and, of course, having a great fellowship time.

My dear husband had the unenviable task of hanging these shelves for me, we didn’t know exactly how they would look, but we couldn’t be happier — except we may need more shelving for all the Lego!!


What projects are you working on?


8 thoughts on “My Ikea Love: Shelves

  1. They look great! And what a great feeling, I know, when you’ve been thinking about doing something like that for so long and then finally it’s done and you love it!! I’m a huge fan of IKEA too. In fact, I need to make an IKEA run next weekend for frames, thanks for reminding me!

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      1. Ours is usually packed on the weekends too, but I kind of like that, all the families and couples bustling around; it gives it a festive feel, because everyone’s always happy at Ikea!

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