Here is our Homeschool

Hello! I’m Kelly, aka Bikurgurl, and these are my boys: my husband, Jeff, and our children.

Image: Bikurgurl

We love to travel and devour stories in books, on screens, and through our own creations. Our interest-led learning style of homeschooling, or home education, is an eclectic mix of Unschooling and Gameschooling, with a dash of parent-led initiatives.

This family image from last fall was at Universal Studios after another epic coaster in the Raptor Encounter. Jurassic Park and Jurassic World are a couple of our favorite movie franchises. Of course, Universal also has the Wizarding World of Harry Potter {which is amazing!}. Of course, my son, the Bibliophile, prefers the books to the movies, but it was still an amazing adventure.

Home educating our children has its’ advantages, like when we traveled to Southern California at the end of September through early October in off-peak season, or shoulder season. This is just one of our money-saving, and sanity-saving, travel tips!

I don’t often post images of my children. I allow them to decide what pictures, if any, are posted to social media and my blog as their online presence will become part of their adult identity. We talk a lot about respecting each other, our privacy, and our boundaries. Just a small part of why homes educating is such a wonderful education option for us.

We’ve just returned from spending most of April in Hawaii and let me tell you: it was amazing! It was our first trip to the islands and certainly won’t be our last!

We have several more trips coming up in 2018 and I’m recruiting my crew to help me get those adventures posted on my blog. In the meantime, join me there with my writing community as we write 100 Word Wednesday stories based on image prompts. It’s easy to join and get feedback!

I’m looking forward to learning more about all of you this month with Intentional Homeschooling!



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6 thoughts on “Here is our Homeschool

    1. It was! I love following you and your adventures there too 💕 I am saddened to see the destruction of volcanic activity — when we were there, the lave had not been flowing for months and there was minimal activity at the crater in Volcano National Park. I haven’t downloaded the pictures from my Cannon Camera yet, but it’ll be interesting to see the changes between when we were there just a few weeks ago to now. Thank you for stopping by and commenting 💕

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