Traditions: Easter

I knew when my boys were born, I wanted to have family traditions we could rely on through the year.

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Things that were just for us, all our own. One of the traditions I started when my boys were infants was reusing our Easter ‘basket’ year after year.

And let’s be honest: I fell in love with these buckets from Pottery Barn Kids, waited for them to go on sale, then bought 2 when I was pregnant with my little Free Spirit Artist.

Having boys, and being a rather adventurous child myself, I knew buckets were the thing that would last. I shredded paper ‘grass’ for the inside and we’ve used the same set-up for well over a decade! I carefully place the grass in bags and store with the buckets in our Easter tub {with a bajillion plastic eggs} and pull them out every year the day before Easter.

img_5167So tomorrow, I will continue the tradition of pulling Easter buckets out, filling with a ridiculous amount of treats, giving them new journals, writing utensils, and knives, and enjoying their joy come Easter morning.

Since we’ve spent Lent adding something in, we have a joyous relationship with this time of year — and it’s not about the bunny {but chocolate never hurts!}. Focusing on what really matters during Lent, faith and family, allows us to cherish the time we have together rather than focusing on what we’re giving up for God.

Taking a broad look at history, it’s easier to see why Easter was placed in the time leading up to Spring. In the past, it was necessary for the people to omit frivolity of red meat and other luxuries during the leanest time of the year – just as the stored food for winter is almost all used up and Spring has not yet sprung. It is well documented that early img_5166Christian leaders helped align ‘pagans’ with Christian celebrations to bring them into the fold of the Church. Christian governments conquering new lands would often allow locals to keep their ‘gods’, but bring them into the fold of these new societies in this very way — all the way back to Constantine who united what we now call the Eastern Roman Empire.

I digress. I love history and truth.

Suffice to say, we are Christians who delight in celebrating our maker, but also delight in the joys of tradition and life. As our boys get older, we find some things change – like we no longer add a stuffed toy to the Easter Bucket – and some things stay the same – we still add treats and candies they wouldn’t normally receive from us.

Winter is so grey and bleak, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. When spring arrives, we are happy to celebrate — and celebrating the gift of Everlasting Life given by Jesus? Icing on our spring celebration! We spend early Easter morning at home with a hearty breakfast to go with all the Easter candy, then head to church for a mid-morning service which ends in a church potluck lunch. We then head out to enjoy the great outdoors in all its’ glory!

Faith. Family. Tradition.


What are your Easter Traditions?

4 thoughts on “Traditions: Easter

  1. With no kids to do Easter baskets for, as such we don’t have a tradition. BUT, over the past twenty something years, the lighting of a candle for passed loved ones has remained for no other reason than we are thinking of them. We have Christmas pudding on March 15th to celebrate Dad’s birthday, and no doubt come May 22nd, something will come to the surface that we’ll adopt for my Mum’s.
    I like your idea of making your own traditions. The traditional Sunday roast was kicked into touch shortly after we got married unless we had company. I get flowers any time, not just Valentine’s Day, birthday or anniversary, and Hubby has a chocolate Santa at Christmas. Our tradition is to be together, and that certainly works for me.

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    1. I love that tradition – lighting candles, just being together, not cooking a roast…sounds practically perfect! I love your husband brings you flowers for any occasion – it’s the unexpected surprise of niceties which strengthen relationships 💖 Thank you for sharing your experience 💖

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