Read Alouds: Car Schooling

Because read alouds are no longer read by only me! We’re all avid readers and enjoy reading, and being read aloud, to!

Carschooling, Bikurgurl 2018

So between errands: hair cuts, groceries, library runs, parks, and all the fun, we find ourselves in the car sometimes more than I’d like. For those days, we do what we call a bit of CarSchooling.

What is CarSchooling? It’s learning on the go. Of course, I’m sure there’s an app for that {or maybe about a thousand!}, but it’s not how we {usually} roll. We roll old school: tactile, physical, or audio learning in the car. We have gone through phases of audiobooks, nature journals, math books, and writing. However now, we’re in a phase of reading aloud in the car — well, not me, but my boys take a turn reading aloud in the car.

I am usually the driver not only because I enjoy it, but I often suffer from motion sickness and find driving keeps me well.

It’s been going on since our boys were babies – my husband would read to them while I drove, then my Bibliophile would read his books or stories to us, then my Artist would read his books and stories. Sometimes, the three of them will read to themselves while I listen to music, NPR, or an audiobook.

Today was no exception. I’ve been posting regularly on my Instagram account of my adventures – join me there if you’d like a visual story of what I’ve been into – but I knew my writing and reading community here would also enjoy seeing my guys making the most of their time doing what we do best 🙂


Where do you love to read?

2 thoughts on “Read Alouds: Car Schooling

  1. I’ve always enjoyed reading. Once my aunt was going to read me a bedtime story from a chapter book (Wizard of Oz) – Instead I read it to her… Don’t know how old I was but pretty young. My husband has always enjoyed reading (though harder now with bad eyes) and son use to be a big reader as well.

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    1. What lovely memories you have with your aunt! We’ve found that as much as we love reading on our own, we really love reading together. The discussion and shared experience is never squandered ❤

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