Love your pets, but can’t take them on your travels? Here’s an option:

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Gearing up for some epic summer fun, we know that boarding our dogs in our vet’s kennels isn’t necessarily great for extended stays. Our dogs thrive with the company of humans, and each other, though having space to get out and about is something we have as part of our routine.



We contacted the rescue organization, P.U.P., we adopted our sweet dogs from and asked for a recommendation for a dog sitter and they pointed us to a super sweet woman who has made it her mission to foster, train, and care for others’ animals.

To say I was nervous about changing from our trusted veterinary services to anyone else is an understatement. These dogs, as goofy and messy as they are, are part of our family; I can’t leave them with just anyone.

How could you say no to that sweet face?

So I’m going on faith and trusting my sweet guys, Darkpaw and Kemo, to this wonderful woman who will love them, give them medications, take them for daily walks and adventures, and make them one of the family.

I look forward to reviewing my experience with her, but the set-up was easy, communication smooth, and information plentiful. If you’re interested in booking and would like a referral bonus {for you and for me!}, please consider using my link here:

Referral Bonus from Me Here 🙂


It’s as easy as signing up with your name, email address, and zip code! Let someone love your pets while you’re away ❤


How do you care for your pets while you’re away?


6 thoughts on “Love your pets, but can’t take them on your travels? Here’s an option:

  1. My Mum used to come and puppy sit for us when we had Barney. She was confident to take him out for walks and he was extremely protective of her. When we got Maggie, we took her everywhere with us, and on only two occasions did we leave her with someone else, and that was when I went to NZ and Hubby took and collected me from the airport.
    On the boat we had a few problems and a friend came to our aid. Maggie was quite content to stay with her overnight, and when we took the boat up for sale, she looked after her for us for the duration of our trip.

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    1. That’s so wonderful! Most of our people already have animals and popping in and out for travel isn’t always convenient for them. So lucky you can take your pet with you 😊


      1. We used to camp a lot, so it wasn’t a problem, and when we had the caravan and lived on the boat neither was that. When we were househunting this time, we knew somewhere that was dog friendly and booked in for a week so that we could look at properties here. We had been doing day trips in other areas which were a killer on us all. MOH has a dog and the two get on, so visiting him or him visiting us isn’t a problem. We don’t actually go away very much, even less now with recent events. With the beach on our doorstep and Mum no longer with us, we don’t need to venture far.

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    1. We’re so looking forward to travel, but so miss our pets!! I’m hopeful this will give us both the support we’re looking for! With daily pictures and reports, it’ll make being away much more pleasant!

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