Gratitude is an Attitude!

As I wrote about in The Year of Freedom, my cancer diagnosis, surgeries, and recovery changed my life in many ways. While the last few years I’m grateful to have had No Evidence of Disease {NED}, recovering has been a process.

Gratitude Journal to Dale, Bikurgurl 2018

Gratitude Journal – the gift of love 💖

I posted this image on my Instagram account of the Gratitude Journal I made for Dale who is recovering from his own health issues.

“When I had my surgery, part of my continuing recovery is to count my blessings. Finding at least one thing to be grateful for daily gave me a boost on the days when there seemed to be little to be appreciative of. Writing, for me, is a way to move out of the dark days ~ get it out, then move on. Blessings to you ~ Love, Kelly”


How are you changing the world?


7 thoughts on “Gratitude is an Attitude!

  1. I have found that writing is also helping me, not just for my surgery eighteen months ago but losing Mum in January. I re-evaluated everything in 2016 and found support in places I hadn’t imagined. I am indeed blessed with so many things, and don’t forget that for a single day. Best wishes to Dale for his recovery.

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