#InstaWrimo Day 5: What’s in Your Creative Backpack?

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In my creative backpack:


{Image taken & edited with my iPhone S in the basic Instagram Application}

Day 5 inspiration comes from my notebook stack. Notebooks? Yes!! Leuchtturm 1917, Travelers Journals, and Arc. And this? Just the tip of the iceberg, baby 📚

Handwriting is my preferred form of writing – the flow I get when handwriting offers so much more freedom of thought than typing. I find when I type my writing, I am much more rigid and less likely to allow my thoughts to stick to the page. When I handwrite, I rarely make corrections as I go. I allow the misspellings, the incorrect grammar, and my own spoken phrasing, to be incorporated into the text without over-editing {as I tend to do with blog posts!}.

I can also just doodle and paste in stickers or scraps of paper, material, or whatever else will fit. It adds to the organic nature of my writing, as well as the mixed media quality of my bullet journals and travelers notebooks. However, I also just grab spiral bound notebooks – no worries!


When posting to Instagram today, I used inspiration from other writers participating in the InstaWrimo Challenge and arranged my notebooks a bit more artistically than I would have otherwise — but I’m so glad to have fellow artists to draw from, much like my writing community!

What kind of notebooks are you into?


Are you participating in #InstaWrimo this month? What could be better – my love of Instagram and my love of NaNoWriMo?

Haven’t heard of it? Are you being creative?

Creative Backpacks

NaNoWriMo is kicking off March 2018 with an inspirational BANG! If you participate in my 100 Word Wednesdays, Sonya’s Three Line Tales, or better yet: Franks’ Tuesday Photo Challenge, you’re familiar with the concept of a picture being worth at least a few words.


Hope to see your inspiration!

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