#InstaWrimo Day 3: What’s in Your Creative Backpack?

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In my creative backpack:


{Image taken & edited with my iPhone S in the basic Instagram Application}

Day 3 inspiration comes in the form of Laptop and Notebooks stickers. Stickers are my weakness; I love the artistry of everything from graphic words to Logos.

In reflecting on these particular stickers, I see my favorite color, black, coupled with my second favorite color, grey! I also have a lot of inspiration from local businesses: REI, Mighty-O Donuts, Archie McPhee, and Top Pot Doughnuts …. a trend in doughnuts….

And seriously good coffee…I am in Seattle!

Of course, my lovely bicycles….well, my moniker is Bikurgurl! I love to bike and, pre-injuries and children, I loved to downhill mountain bike. I found these stickers shortly after my last laptop died and proudly smacked them on my {then} new laptop. With my last beloved Nine Inch Nails sticker, they were my laptop’s only decorations until I received the 2016 NaNoWriMo stickers for my Novel Writing Classes. Slowly I built up the collection with the ‘I Love Algebra’ sticker, offered free at our then homeschool co-operative, followed quickly by the rest.

Creative Backpacks

And yes, I do love Algebra…math is an exact science which is just a beautifully perfect thing in this imperfect world.

I picked up the fun #OptOutside stickers from REI Seattle while picking up camping supplies and they went on my new, now filled, Leuchtturm 1917. In going back to my travelers journals in this season of renewal, and because I’d intended my Leuchtturm to last through winter, I’m using up some Moleskin Chapters notebooks I picked up on sale where I have displayed the ‘Do It Scared’ sticker I won from Living Well, Spending Less in January.

Of course, when posting to Instagram, it’s not just about the image, it’s about the filters — and that’s just if you’re like me and only do light edits from your phone!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s all about branding the right feeling when your readers look at the image, right? I’m open to your suggestions!


Are you participating in #InstaWrimo this month? What could be better – my love of Instagram and my love of NaNoWriMo?

Haven’t heard of it?

NaNoWriMo is kicking off March with an inspirational BANG! If you participate in my 100 Word Wednesdays, Sonya’s Three Line Tales, or better yet: Franks’ Tuesday Photo Challenge, you’re familiar with the concept of a picture being worth at least a few words.


Hope to see your inspiration!

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