Rabbit Rabbit


It must be a Midwest thing, specifically a Cincinnati thing, because outside of my husband and Sarah Jessica Parker, I’ve never heard the tale of ‘Rabbit Rabbit‘. I’m sure there’s a whole sorted tale, but my husband convinced our boys they had to say it as their first words to have good luck for the month.

Bikurgram 2018 — Karlův most, Prague, Czech Republic – Summer 2017

I love my husband {& SJP!}, but I think this one is ‘Stupid Stupid’. I probably wouldn’t even care or mention it, but when my boys were younger they’d lament half the month if they forgot to say this word twice upon first waking. They’d then feel as if the month would be bad because they didn’t get the ‘good luck’ of saying the silly tradition. It needled me. Something so small, but so negatively impactful on my boys — and for what? Some silly thing one of my husbands high school teachers mentioned.

Bikurgram 2018

I’ve been taking a pretty intentional break from my blog and social media. Well, I’m still posting a bit to Instagram – and by sliding a bar, having the text portion with link post to my Twitter feed – but I needed a break. I was in a ‘Rabbit Rabbit’ scenario: I wanted the good to post, to make my new travelogue live, and yet I was still working out a few kinks. I didn’t have a few things done the way I wanted and was waiting for the time to get it right.

I’m still waiting.

Well, that’s a bit disingenuous. I’m not waiting. I had to set it to the side and just get on with it. I had to get on with my life, my family, our homeschooling, Reading, writing, organizational projects, and wrapping up my completely unnecessary stress about high school — not my high school, but my homeschooling children.

Time waits for no one.

So here it is, an intentional month away, and I still haven’t found the right Program to make watermarking my images easy. I still haven’t gotten around to actually soliciting a redesign of my blog. I’ve finally uploaded all my iPhone images to the cloud, but still can’t take new pictures because my current method of ‘watermarking’ my images is with MarkUp in iPhone photos — and it’s the best I have right now.

Then I wonder, does it matter?

It’s not bringing me joy to sweat having the proper watermarking system, well-designed blog, perfect homeschool plan, and organized travel images….but it does bring me stress. Stress that I’m not putting my pet project above our children, stress that I don’t want to put my blog and pet projects above our family.


‘If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.’

Bikurgram 2018

But you know, sometimes it’s just about getting it done. Throwing it out there, giving what you can, and enjoying it — not stressing. Because here’s the thing: tomorrow isn’t promised, you’re worth working towards your dreams, and those babies – they’re nearly in high school and they are my heart, my priority.

Bikurgram 2018
Bikurgram 2018





Bikurgram 2018
Bikurgram 2018

These guys: they don’t need me like they did, and they won’t need me like they do now for much longer… and in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the ride.


6 thoughts on “Rabbit Rabbit

  1. Time waits for no one, indeed. I’ll add another that sounds relevant right now: don’t sweat the small stuff. If it’s not bringing you joy, put it aside and focus on what does. It’s so easy to accumulate detailed tasks as habits, and think that we need to do every one of them every day or.. or we’ll be unlucky, like if we didn’t say Rabbit Rabbit. When in fact, the rest of the world doesn’t even notice if we didn’t do items 17 through 24 on our to-do list, and we were the only ones stressed out by it. Let it go…

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