A Little Me Time

I generally don’t go to the salon, but find in this season of my life I need more self care. Differently from when I had littles, and thought only of when I could go to the bathroom with the door closed, I need to take some time away for myself.

These days I have plenty of alone time at home, and I’m so thankful I made them my priority in that very busy, sleepless time of life. My decision was the best one for me — I’m thankful I had the opportunity to stay home with my children. We read, played, created, cooked, cried, and learned so many new things together.

No matter how old they get, we still enjoy doing those same things together.

This year, we’ve been so intentionally busy, we all just need to relax and recharge – a quick trip to my favorite local nail salon, Julep Nail Salon 💕

As I stated on social media, and even tweeted: I got here early to drink hot tea and start my 2017 Review!


What are you doing just for you this Season?

4 thoughts on “A Little Me Time

    1. Thanks! It was a splurge my husband got me for our 13th Wedding Anniversary ❤ He's never understood my love of bags and shoes, but when we made it to lucky #13, I asked to go choose my own nice, grown-up bag and have loved it enough to be sent to repair over the summer! Take time for you, too, this season, my writing friend!

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