Star Wars The Last Jedi: How are you preparing?


The Death Star


If you hadn’t noticed from my Instagram feed, my boys and I are Lego Maniacs. Although we love several of the series of bricks, one of our enduring favorite is Lego Star Wars!

We own all the movies and have been watching them for years. Recreating scenes, making new scenes, trying out different scenarios is what my boys do!

Storm Troopers

So we decided to invite a few friends over and watch all the Star Wars movies: all 8 of them. Here was my pitch for our last day:

‘Who: Star Wars Fans aged 11-15

When: Friday, 12/8/17, 12pm-6:30pm

What: Drop-off Movie Afternoon – Star Wars V, The Empire Strikes Back (2 hours 4 minutes), Star Wars VI, Return of the Jedi (2 hours 11 minutes), Star Wars VII, The Force Awakens (2 hours 16 minutes) with a 5 minute intermissions

Food: I plan on serving water and juice, hot tea if requested, with popcorn. Please bring linner (lunch/dinner).

Costumes: Optional

I’m inviting a few people if they’d like to join my boys in a Star Wars Movie Film Marathon prior to the next release of The Last Jedi on December 15!

We’re thinking we’ll run 3 afternoons from about noon to 6pm next week on Monday (12/4). Wednesday (12/6), and Friday (12/8).

I should say we’re pretty big Star Wars fans and understand if you’re not! If your child/children haven’t seen the movies or don’t like this episodic adventure, we won’t be offended if you skip this movie series. If all goes well, we’ll do this again with different movies in the future!

Monday (12/4):

Star Wars Prequels I & II (The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones)

Wednesday (12/6):

Star Wars Prequel III (Revenge of the Sith), Rogue One, Star Wars IV (A New Hope)

Friday (12/8):

Star Wars V (The Empire Strikes Back), Star Wars VI (Return of the Jedi), Star Wars VII (The Force Awakens)

Your child/children will be able to bring snacks/lunch to augment our popcorn and drinks and hang out for the day with us – no need to for you stick around! For those of you who have not been to our home, we have two rescue dogs: Kemo (a terrier mix) and Darkpaw (a lab mix) and no food allergies.

We’re capping out guest list daily at 6 children – Hope you can join us!


We had hoped to have our regular peeps over, but to our surprise, not everyone was willing to drop everything and spend 21 hours binge watching the saga with us!


Obi Wan Kenobi in Revenge of the Sith

I did find and post the official trailer for the movie, but as a family, we’ve decided to not watch it. We’ve inadvertently been pulled into seeing a few frames of the trailer early on, but we didn’t want it to be spoiled.

We are so pumped to go see The Last Jedi tomorrow morning — it’s what we do!


What are you doing to prepare for The Last Jedi?

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