Dear Washington State Democrats

I am fed up with the {good?} ‘old boys club’ of not only Corporate America, but American {and Global} politics. The #MeToo Movement is one that only keeps growing: women finding their voices, being heard, telling their stories, and making a difference for all the girls and women around them.


With that thought, I was swayed in the last election to do something I’ve never done before: register as a Democrat for the Presidential Primaries. As an Independent voter, preferring to evaluate issues and candidates on their policies and records rather than vote any party line, I was moved to help nominate Bernie Sanders to be the Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Party.

Little did I know my name and contact information would be freely shared with any and every campaign associated with the Democratic Party.


So I wrote an email message to the Washington State Democratic Party:

‘I believe you have erroneously given my personal contact information to candidates and politicians in the Democratic Party. I want my email and name removed from your mailing lists and for you to cease and desist sharing or distributing my personal contact information.

The latest email message I received is from {another potential candidate for the Democratic Party}. I’ve not only unsubscribed from her email distribution list but have asked her to kindly pass on from whom she received my personal contact information.

I checked the ‘Democrat’ box for the last Presidential election as I was a huge supporter of Bernie Sanders. Super Delegates from Washington State did not follow the will of their constituents in districts voting for Bernie over Hillary Clinton. I hand wrote personal letters to those Super Delegates, as well as my elected officials, to let them know they are not trusted and I will not be voting for any of them in future elections.

Simply Put: By sending candidates to me via email is going to influence me not to vote for these individuals. Washington State Democrats, as well as political parties in general, need to understand that most Americans who really believe in the American Way will not vote along partisan party lines and prefer to be given choices – not dictated – whom they will vote for.

I urge you to remove me from all your mailing lists and to stop passing on my personal information as I will continue to be dissatisfied with the Democratic Party and continue to support third party candidates.

Please confirm you have read and will remove me from your mailing lists,


God willing, they will value my future votes and not subject me to the litany of unsolicited emails, mailings, and flyers in the future.


How do you deal with unwanted solicitations?

2 thoughts on “Dear Washington State Democrats

  1. I don’t think it is any different anywhere in the world, Once I voted many years ago I regularly receive emails from that party candidates about what is going on in the party I voted, even asking for donations.
    I would be interested in others commenting, to see if that is what happens worldwide.

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