No Expectations

Do you remember the chain mail of the past?

It began as a pyramid scheme to send a joke, a recipe, a book to a certain number of other people, and then add your name to the list and you could get jokes, recipes, or books galore. Of course, that never happened for me. Did it for anyone?

You send your 11 jokes, recipes, or books and never hear another word of it. I think I participated in that scheme once or twice to no avail before I realized it was a farce. Since then, I’ve not had an appetite for the chain-mail-esque letters and request. While the daily gratitude logs of November call to me, I don’t feel others expect more from me than I do from myself. Nothing is required to give, nothing is required in return.

No expectations.

So when I was initially tagged, then tagged several more times, on this black and white photograph challenge, I thought I’d pass. Have you heard about this? The challenge is: 7 days featuring one black and white image daily with no explanation. No explanation?

That’s the tough part.

But here’s the thing: I don’t want to be rude, I want to share some fun photography, but I don’t want to be looped in endlessly. So what I did on my personal social media page was share my 7 images in one go and I thought I’d share with my blog readers as well!

Hope you enjoy these images — with no expectation of reciprocation! Just what the holidays are all about: Give what you want to give and enjoy that act of giving. Don’t worry about what you’ll get or receiving those  11 jokes, recipes, or books as part of the pyramid scheme chain-mail-esque process. Enjoy the process or pass on it, but stand true in your authenticity. You are worth it.

No strings. No expectations.


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