Dishes Don’t Matter


Image Credit:  Brooke Lark

“Don’t worry, leave the dishes. I want to show you something.”

“Oh, it won’t take a minute – let me just get these in the water,”

“But mom, I was hoping we could look at these pictures together.”

“Why don’t you guys go on ahead and go. You’ve got so many things to do! I’m going to get back in the kitchen and clean up.”

Why can I not just say, “Hey mom, I love you. I want to spend time with you. The dishes don’t matter, we can eat sandwiches and fruit. What matters is the time we spend together.”


I love you momWritten for 100 Word Wednesday: Week 45

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11 thoughts on “Dishes Don’t Matter

      1. Every year, I vow that when I see my parents and sister for the holidays, I’ll spend more time talking (and listening) and less time plopping down with them while they watch TV or do other non-interactive things. And every year I feel like I made a little progress but that I should have tried harder. Well, I’ll try harder again this year!

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      2. I agree. We try to play games and take the burden of cooking and cleaning from my mother, but she oftentimes just wants to take care of all of us. While I love that she wants to do that, I also want her to relax so we can spend time together — talking and creating, not just reading and consuming entertainment. Over the years, it’s gotten much better at my parents home interacting with them with just gentle reminders and insistence 🙂

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      3. I have the opposite scenario. Nobody else in my family likes to cook. So I’ll try offering to help my sister or my mother cook (in their own kitchens) and end up by myself in there, doing all the cooking, while everyone else hangs out in the other room. They say, “But you *like* to cook.” Yeah, but not by myself for hours every day! Then somehow I end up doing all the cleaning too… Hm, I’m starting to feel like I volunteered to be Cinderella — but then, where’s my pumpkin carriage and handsome prince? 😉

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      4. Ha! Sounds like a community meal is in order 🙂 Many of my meals are make-your-own; if you could encourage someone to chop and cut, then you could have everyone make their own in the kitchen and take it to the table to continue the conversation 🙂 One of the advantages to having an Open Kitchen (of course, the downside is all the dishes…and when I have guests over, I tend to do finger foods that don’t need dishes or just soak them until after guests leave). I suppose in some ways I am like my mother: I don’t like to inconvenience others, even when they offer their help! Lots to consider 🙂

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      5. This year we’re going to have 7 people instead of our usual 5, so my sister is already saying that we’ll eat out more often. That’s going to be easier than finding a bunch of meals that will satisfy so many people’s various eating restrictions and preferences. The others are generally pretty good about cooking for the actual Christmas meal. But then they poop out for all those other dinners – like, don’t they just magically happen? LOL Even the “make your own” meals end up being mostly work for me, to get all the parts together. Unless it’s just sandwiches — which I think we might be doing a lot of this time around!

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      6. I know what you mean! Sandwiches and cold cuts, loads of veggies and dressings…..I’m always partial to setting out a hefty cheese and meat platter with crackers, with a side of hummus and bean salsa for vegans! If you have the space, you can organize everything into plastic baskets to just pull out of the fridge and be done!!! Good luck 😊

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