Be Selfish

​I was having a harried morning – two orthodontic appointments, two dentist appointments – and had forgotten to give my son who stresses about the orthodontist

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pain medication which was resulting in anxiety and an upset stomach.


I was sick with anxiety.

I walked into the pharmacy to get the pain medication, saltines, and a bottle of ginger ale and was greeted by a friendly hello. It was actually overly friendly. “Good Morning! How are you?” with smiles and apparent joy.

Though intrigued, I was distracted with my own issues. Having stayed up too late working on a blogging error and over-working on the error in the morning because I figured I had the time {I did not}, I’d forgotten to set my boys up for success and fulfill my obligations to make our dental appointments run smoothly.

As I gathered my purchases, I rushed to the front of the store, my mind already on the next task at hand, and the same friendly sales clerk greeted me in an equally friendly fashion. I couldn’t help but smile and comment on his happiness.

He was surprised to hear the compliment and said, “My father told me when I was in sixth grade that I can choose my attitude – choose how I want to face the world. If I wake up and decide it’s going to be a good day, I don’t let momentary disappointments derail me.” He said instead he accepts life won’t always work the way he’d like, or even the way he plans, and accepts it as a momentary distraction from his happiness – but does not let it rule his day.

​”It’s okay to be selfish – you have 24 hours to do with as you wish, don’t let someone else take that from you,” he said.

A lightbulb went off in my head and I realized how true that statement is. I needed to put my selfish first, then my family first. It’s okay to be selfish with your time and emotions and although I think I’m always staying on track and doing what’s best for me, oftentimes I’m derailed by unforeseen circumstances and trying to accommodate everyone else.

Starting with the intention that the day is mine, the next 24 hours can be as wonderful as I’d like to be — I love the sound of that.


Will you be selfish enough to choose happiness today?

8 thoughts on “Be Selfish

  1. It’s definitely okay to take care of number one first. No one has ever put down a law saying that we shouldn’t care for our own desires and needs. Plus, other people benefit more from being with a healthy individual than with one who’s constantly irritated or upset upon being stretched thin.

    Hope you have a good day looking out for yourself! 🙂

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    1. It’s akin to fitting your own mask first on an airplane in case of emergency; considering this when it comes to perspective on your day and happiness was a watershed moment! Thank you for stopping by!

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      1. Mm it definitely is something that gets a weight off your chest. Although, funny how most of us feel as if we need an altruistic reason in order to allow ourselves to relax. Is that just me? 😮

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      2. Nope – I totally understand! I think that’s why being selfish and making my happiness first to make my days great was such a watershed idea! I’m still reeling from the implications 😊

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