Snowy Day

The Smiling Snowman, Fall 2017

Snowy days in Seattle are rare.

{I am obsessed with Stranger Things and am so happy we could finish Season 2 – of course, the slow-mo snow fall reminds me of the Upside Down!}

No really! Even though we’ve had two in one week, it really is rare for it to snow in the Greater Seattle area. Of course, we live between two mountain ranges: The Olympic Mountains to the west {between us and the Pacific Ocean} and the Cascade Mountains to the east {between us and Eastern Washington}. This sweet spot between mountain ranges is called a rain shadow and refers to the fact that although we get regular drizzle from October through mid-

Snow Angels

June, snow is a fleeting affair, preferring to melt instead of stick around.

However we got a November Surprise this week — twice! The second time, my boys decided to actually make a Smiling Snowman in the yard instead of just have a snowball fight. He’s super cute and, with any luck, he’ll withstand the weather to spend a few fun days with us!


Winterscape View from my Office

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