November 3rd Surprise

Seattle Snow ❄️

Lowland snow this early in the season is rare. One distinct advantage of interest-led learning is being able to stay home, play in the snow, come in for hot chocolate to warm up, then go out again!

Their day was spent alternatively creating in the snow and on their movie making project. Keeping the days loose allow for their creativity to take over and the real work of learning begin. With a November 3rd Surprise of snow, we feel empowered to take a ‘day off’ and dive deep into our interests.

Maybe I need a drying rack?

Using all the available hanging apparatuses around our back door, the boys diligently hang their snow gear between outdoor sessions of filming. Writing the script, with a dose of improvisation, setting the scene, filming, and editing are all part of their NaNoWriMo experience. In the past, I’ve insisted they write, or type, their stories, but this year I’m giving them the freedom to express their stories in their own way.

As for me, I’m at day 3 in my NaNoWriMo writing, and I’m staying on target. Planning ahead this week, I was able to carve out time to write. Sticking to my pockets of writing time when I knew I would be uninterrupted and productive, I’m making metered progress. While stimulating dialogue is still a work in progress for me, the meat of the story is there, emerging….


How did you spend your day?

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