November 2017 Planning

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Hello November!

With NaNoWriMo starting, and fall activities slowly changing to end-of-year activities, I feel I can finally take a breath. I purposefully plan my Septembers heavily with our homeschooling to take advantage of the nearly perfect Pacific Northwest weather, but to also dive back into our year, full-steam ahead: Ready or not, here we come!

This fall was a flurry of activity. With my older son, the Bibliophile, trying out public school last spring, he talked about continuing there this fall. However, over the summer, he changed his mind and decided to return to homeschooling. While I was overjoyed, I love being with my boys, I was also completely unprepared. I had started buying school items off of his class supplies list and had signed my younger son, the Artist, up for several classes and events.

As it turns out, this fall was crazy busy, flurry of classes, events, and activities, and we’re really slowing down now – counter to what the calendars may reflect:

img_0305November really is going to be a slow month for us.

While the first thing I am thankful for in November is family, the second thing I’m grateful for in November is margin. Margin is the white space you leave free in your schedule to just be.

In the marginimg_0304, you can read a book, daydream, practice your writitng, practice your lettering, exercise, snuggle with your children, walk the dog….again….

But the best thing about maintaining margin in your schedule is that it bleeds over into maintaining margin in your life. It starts with the little things like, “I don’t need to purchase this kit with a specific art project, I can gather my what-nots from around the house and put a do-it-yourself project together for us,” to “I don’t need to keep this stuff I’m not using, someone else could really love or need these items!” and donate superfluous plates, glasses, books, toys, clothing, furniture, shot glasses — at least these were some of my superfluous items —  to the charity of your choice. I’m only a partial believer in the Kon Mari method, but the larger idea of letting go of those things that no longer serve you? I’m all in.

One thing that doesn’t serve me well is a cluttered calendar, so I thought I’d share with you my quick way of setting up my month to serve me. I also love to do it in my Bullet Journal which can be housed in any notebook, but I especially love this Leuchtturm Dotted A5 Notebook with assorted black ink Pigma Micron pens, assorted stickers and washi tape not necessary.

I start my month off by dropping in my rocks — the big commitments we can’t miss:

  • classes/homeschool cooperative classes
  • church
  • date night/moms night out
  • field trips/events
  • volunteer activities
  • practices/performances

Once these are all in place, I then fill in with everything else on our calendar.

From this once-over glance at the month, I can plan out work and fun we’ll be doing, as well as the much needed margin 🖋📚✔️

And this month, much of my margin will be spent writing my novel for NaNoWriMo 2017!


How are you planning your November?

4 thoughts on “November 2017 Planning

  1. Allowing ourselves room for margin. I love this! We are months away from being empty nesters and I’ve already started practicing this on a daily basis. It takes time to allow this to become a new normal. Great piece. Thank you for sharing!

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