Homeschooling Moms Night Out

Another case of finding my voice.

Image by Bikurgurl

When I talk to a group of people, I feed off their energy or get them going. In a group of people, I have no problem with casual chatting and conversation. It’s safety in numbers, so to speak. I don’t have to be true, or vulnerable, to any one person. I don’t have to worry about keeping up a one-sided conversation or being verbally assaulted with someone else’s stream of thought.

At Moms Night Out, we can let our hair down, have a drink, and enjoy the escape with other moms in the trenches. Moms like me who, through their own choices, have opted to step outside the {quote} ‘social norm’ and be the primary educator/education coordinator of their children.

I began to wax about stay-at-home moms on sofas with buckets of bon-bons, but I’m not eager to feed into stereotypes — and many of the moms work or volunteer at least part time, some full time, hours on top of coordinating educations!

It’s like Tigers on the Loose in the City:  Moms Night Out doesn’t seem congruent with homeschooling. Outdated ideas about homeschoolers, who homeschools their children and why, breeds common misconceptions about us.

About me and my family.

What are our motives, why did we choose to homeschool, and many more questions — we can avoid these altogether when meeting with other homeschoolers for a Moms Night Out.

Why get together without the children?

I have been mostly uninterested in getting together with my mom friends or other homeschool mothers until recently. As my children have gotten older, independent, and are entering the final phase of their childhood, I find my needs have changed as well. Where my children need independence to learn and grow, I find I need independence too. Understanding what the next stage of my life is, gather together to discuss without interruption plans for our teens and reflecting on the times we’ve shared together. However, these gatherings are mostly about women supporting women.

We’re here, we understand, we can be a safe sounding board.

As supporters of one another, we’re not in competition with each other, we simply want to unwind, kick back, and relax. Have a drink, a laugh, and maybe learn a little something about each other.


How are you fostering your self care?


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