FREE Kindle Books – Limited Time Only!

{affiliate links – thank you for supporting my voracious book-reading, planner supply, travel budget — at no extra cost to you 🙂 }

I am a fan of IRL (In Real Life) books, but my Bibliophile? He’s happy to read actual books or books on his Kindle Paperwhite. I’ve found that through my Kindle Reader App (on my iPhone) I can also read these gems from the comfort of my phone!

As a result, when I find free books to download to his Kindle — I snap them up! Tonight, I’ll share with you the absolutely-free-for-a-limited-time-only Kindle Books I downloaded to our Kindle from Amazon!

Remember, these books are free for a limited time only — Don’t delay in downloading them to your Kindle device or Kindle App.

Happy Reading!

What are you reading this autumn?

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